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Photo of Sophia M. Palmer
Photo of Sophia M. Palmer

The Right Attorney Makes All The Difference

Choosing the right attorney is the most critical decision you can make when facing litigation that can impact you and your children for years to come. The family law attorneys at Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer are here to help you navigate all aspects of your case from dissolution, contempt and child support to child custody and postnuptial agreements. We will help you identify your long-term post-divorce goals, allowing you to negotiate more favorable results. Our firm is here to help you navigate your case from start to finish. With over 40 years of combined experience handling even the most complex cases, our firm provides compassionate yet aggressive legal advocacy that gets results.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance For Divorce

We understand that going through a divorce is one of the most emotional and difficult experiences one can go through. When children are involved, the stakes become even higher. You will need to make decisions about custody, financial support, as well as how to divide debts and assets. Working with an experienced legal team is crucial to protecting your family’s best interests as you make difficult decisions that will have lasting repercussions. Whether you are just beginning this process or need help making modifications to an existing divorce decree or parenting plan, the legal team at Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer is here to help.

Your Best Interests Are Our Driving Force

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What Our Clients Say

Sophia is very personable and professional. I would recommend her and will use her again for anything related to my children. Thanks again, Sophia!!
– Chris

Sophia M. Palmer Law has represented me through my parenting case and helped my case tremendously and has also just won my protection order case. When they represent me, I know and feel how much they care, believe in me and put everything they’re got into representing me. They are amazing!
– Carly

I was the respondent in a DVPO case. I am extremely pleased with her representation and preparation. As a former law enforcement officer, I have testified in hundreds of cases. I have seen many attorneys prepare by reviewing the file in the hallway outside of the courtroom. This was not the case with Ms. Palmer. She was extremely prepared and presented a rock-solid defense against an opposing attorney. The case was ultimately dismissed. I hope to never have to use her again, but she comes highly recommended in my book. Thank you, Ms. Palmer.
– James

Sophia has been my attorney for over 3 years, and I purposefully waited until I seen her in action at trial before writing a review. To me that is where it counts. Even after working with her for 3 years, I was amazed in court. Sophia is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly what to say and do in court. She knew what RCW’s, laws, statutes, etc., related to specific issues to help my case. She was fully prepared and does an amazing job getting the information she needs to prove her case. The other party in my case was a manipulative liar and she completely exposed him and shut him down. I was once the person reading reviews and going through the stress related to picking an attorney. I remember feeling like it’s such a risk. How do you really know who is the right one? I can say without a doubt, I will tell anyone that not only do you want Sophia but you NEED Sophia as our attorney!
– Cherry

Toward the end of my divorce about a month before pretrial, I was forced to find another attorney … Luckily, I found Sophia. She was such a breath of fresh air! Luckily, thinks ended up in my favor, and we did not end up in trial. But she was so professional and down to earth. Always attentive and has great communication!
– Shonna

Sophia is a knowledgeable and understanding attorney. She helped our family every step of the way. We will always use her in the future.
– Kelli