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Is A Proposed Relocation Interfering With Your Custody Agreement?

In cases where two parents share custody of their children, one of the most difficult disruptions to such an agreement is one parent’s need or desire to relocate (with the children) a significant distance away. This move could be prompted by a new job, a new romantic relationship, the desire to be closer to other family members or many other reasons. Whether you are the parent seeking the move or the parent wishing to stop it, you could greatly benefit from the help of an experienced family law attorney. As a firm offering comprehensive representation in family law, the Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer is a natural choice for help with move-away cases in greater Tacoma area.

Getting The Court Involved And Following Proper Procedure

In certain custodial arrangements where a parent or guardian may ask to relocate a child or children, there may be legal requirements for notification and approval to do so. In Washington state, there are multiple factors and details that may be involved, including:

  • Terms of notice
  • The distances of proposed relocation
  • The other parent’s custody or visitation rights
  • How the children would be impacted by both the move and the potential loss of access to the other parent

Our team is well-versed in the forms, statutes and other requirements that need fulfillment, and can provide you with the proper guidance to ensure a relocation for work, personal or other reasons is properly facilitated and legally viable. Conversely, we can help you seek to stop your co-parent from relocating if the move would harm the best interests of your children (and interfere with your custody rights).

Let Us Advocate For You And Your Children

To discuss your options for relocating or preventing relocation, contact the skilled and knowledgeable attorneys at the Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer. We serve clients throughout the greater Tacoma area. To schedule your initial consultation, send us an email or call 253-356-6460.

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