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Is Mediation Right For Your Family Law Case?

Although family law matters often inspired heightened emotions, getting divorced or resolving a child custody disagreement doesn’t have to be acrimonious. Unfortunately, going through a “traditional” court process does tend to encourage a more combative approach because of the adversarial nature of civil litigation. But thankfully, more collaborative and cooperative alternatives exist, including mediation.

If you’re interested in pursuing a mediated resolution to for your divorce or another family law issue, the Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer is here to help. We offer highly experienced representation in all aspects of your case, and we have seen firsthand how beneficial this process can be for many clients.

How Mediation Works

Instead of presenting arguments to the court and having a judge decide your fate, mediation allows you to reach a negotiated agreement with your spouse or co-parent. Mediation is utilized for various family law disputes, including:

During mediation, individual parties (including unmarried parents) work with their respective attorneys and have negotiations facilitated by a neutral party who works to create a settlement outside of the courtroom. Mediation proceedings can happen in advance of any litigation, or after it has been filed, with the ultimate goal of delivering an agreed-upon settlement that can be presented to the court. Compared to traditional litigation, mediation tends to be less expensive, faster, less stressful and less contentious. If successful, it also gives both parties more control over the outcome of the case.

When Mediation Is Not Appropriate

In order for mediation to work, both sides must be willing to participate and to negotiate in good faith. If your spouse does not participate, or if there is a severe power imbalance due to a history of domestic violence, mediation will not be possible or appropriate. If you are unsure about whether it would be a good approach for you, please share your concerns with us when we first meet.

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