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Skilled Representation In Contempt Motions And Other Post-Judgment Actions

Your family law matter may not be finished when the divorce is finalized or the court issues other orders. At the Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer, we are ready to represent your interests in all legal matters related to your case, including modifications to court orders, contempt motions and other enforcement efforts. If your ex-spouse or co-parent has refused to comply with a court order, we will help you utilize the court system to find an appropriate remedy. Conversely, we can defend you if a contempt motion has been filed against you.

What It Means To Be In Held In Contempt

To be in contempt of court means one party in a family law matter is failing to comply with a court order. Contempt motions most often apply to orders for child support, child custody or spousal support.

If a parent fails to make their required child support payments, the state, or the parent who should be receiving the payments, may bring a motion for contempt against the nonpaying parent. Similarly, if a parent fails to comply with a parenting plan, the other parent may bring a motion for contempt against the noncomplying parent. When the non-complying parent is found in contempt, the court has the authority to:

  • Enter a judgment in the amount of the past-due support plus interest
  • Award make-up parenting time to the parent who was shorted
  • Order the noncompliant party to cover the attorney fees of the other party
  • Issue a civil penalty
  • Order jail time
  • Require any other conditions the noncomplaint party must meet to purge the finding of contempt

Whether you are filing a complaint or defending against complaints made about you, it is crucial to seek help from experienced attorneys like those at our firm.

Contact Us To Explore Your Legal Options

Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer is ready to help you with any family law matter you may be facing, including contempt motions. To learn more about how we can help you resolve your legal issue fully and efficiently, call us in Tacoma, Washington, at 253-356-6460. You can also fill out our online contact form.

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