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Domestic Violence Allegations And Their Impact On Your Family Law Case

Family violence is a persistent problem across the United States, and its legal impacts reach beyond criminal court. Allegations of domestic violence will play a major role in the process and outcome of a divorce, custody dispute or another family law matter. This is all the more reason to work with a highly skilled and experienced attorney like those at the Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer. Our practice is entirely devoted to family law, and we ensure that each client receives the personalized attention and advocacy they deserve. If domestic violence allegations are a factor in your family law matter, we will work tireless to ensure that you and your children are physically safe and that your rights are protected.

Understanding Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Many family law litigants face the need to obtain, or to defend against, domestic violence protection orders. When an individual, or a child is in fear of imminent bodily harm, the court can grant an emergency protection order that can order the perpetrator not to have any contact with you, and to stay away from your home, your work, or your school. The court can also order the perpetrator not have any contact with your children, and to stay away from their home or school. At a return hearing, the court can also order the perpetrator to undergo a domestic violence assessment and complete any follow-up treatment as well as give you use of real and personal property and award attorney fees.

When your personal safety is at risk, or you are facing an order being issued against you, trusting an attorney who has experience prosecuting domestic violence cases is the best way to ensure the results come out in your favor.

Combatting False Allegations

Although false allegations of domestic violence are not as common as some may believe, they do occur. One spouse may level false allegations against the other out of spite or to gain an advantage in custody proceedings. When false allegations occur, they can be devastating for the falsely accused party as well as any children caught in the middle of the dispute.

If you’ve been wrongly accused, your custody rights and your reputation are at risk. Therefore, it is critical to work with skilled attorneys who will help you expose the truth of the matter and preserve your legal standing in any pending family law rulings.

Learn More About Your Rights And Legal Options During An Initial Consultation

Allegations of domestic violence raise the stakes on any family law proceeding. No matter which side of those allegations you are on, it is critical to work with an experienced and skilled attorney like those at the Law Office of Sophia M. Palmer. To discuss your options and protect your rights, contact us in Tacoma, Washington, to schedule your initial consultation. Call us at 253-356-6460 or send us an email.

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